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Ian watkins nude

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I have very similar thoughts to you.

I was just looking for a site to watch Iron Man 2, too! Gonnae just bolt n leave oor forum or i dinnae ken wit al dae. Sexy sister lesbian. I would like to start with the things that most disturb me about the Watkins case because, inevitably, I know they are parallels that some will try to draw between this and the Michael Jackson cases, and it is best to debunk them here and now. When are those mothers going to be charged with sexual abuse? Either does his gf.

Do they get all mixed up on the page and confuse you? Posted by get off 2 yrs ago even if ian was brought to justice over what he does he will get away with it like alot of these famous poeple who in the past have been involved with c h il d p o r n they all get off. Wonder why the troll forum is down? You cannot take this back. Ian watkins nude. Ian fucked himself, the kids, the band and the fans. People need to stop dissing that poor girl. Posted by use your head part 2 2 yrs ago his daughter will come out in due time.

If she is ian why dont he find her hes always wanted adaughter or is it another sick lie of jo like the one where she faked her own death, i think that was the best day of ians life when he heard that no more skanky 40 somethingsad old groupie around, his first words on hearing it was freedom. She is another person who should quit that industry and focus on going legit.

Remember Jo said a few years ago he likes men and no one believed her? Posted by i had to ask 3 yrs ago sorry but whos is Ashley i thought ian was with some girl called Sam. Lesbian behaviour characteristic. An unidentified groupie has released a cache of conversations and pictures with disgraced Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins.

It is just heartbreaking. With all the evidence, to deny he did the crimes would seem idiotic and pointless. He had to have known that a guilty verdict was going to be inevitable. Just as the pop world was shaken by those allegations made against Michael Jackson in andthe world of alternative rock has taken its own hit lately with the news coming out of the UK concerning Ian Watkins.

What does Jamie have to do with anything? Apparently Peaches Geldof had joined a Satanic sex cult, but had been complaining that she still hadn't been invited to any sex parties. Posted by jesus 3 yrs ago dear illiterate jealous girl, you need a life. So Ian supposedly fathered him when he was 19? I hope an "accident" happens to him in jail and he never gets released.

Posted by actually i believe you 2 yrs ago i wouldnt put it past him.

Ian watkins nude

Louise Mensche who suddenly moved to America because of her husbands job out of the blue.

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An unidentified groupie has released a cache of conversations and pictures with disgraced Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins.

At one point, the woman asked the woman asked Watkins to DJ the girl's birthday party, which he chillingly replied, "only if I can F her.

So she cant be that into him, Im sorry but she cant be. But you responded with an insane jealous unprovoked venomous rant at her. Young blood naked and famous download. Posted by secretspiller 2 yrs ago why are all boys in bands pages full of horrible comments about the girls? The fact that I heard of this case through your blog, is a positive side of social media, but there are as many forums ,blogs and sites that are as bad or worse than tabloids.

EACH factual claim that is not common knowledge must be sourced with a link. Ian watkins nude. I have nothing to say unless someone says something first. Please do your homework on the occultism. Posted by boy 3 yrs ago ian is the prettiest thing i have ever seen, he needs to stop hanging out with these whales! LOL at those who think that acting in an adult movie means its true!

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But here one would have to argue that if this alone was enough to qualify MJ as a pedophile, then by default they would have to brand most every normal, breathing man in the world as such! Posted by and I bet 2 yrs ago The lovely Leeeeesa lisa comes on here with an insane rant saying that everyone but her is mental and some other s h i t and lies about them, just proving that she is indeed mental and an attention grabber.

I thought she was doing Fine Art last year?!? Posted by tunja 3 yrs ago After all who is jo? He is not a pedo. I couldn't handle it. In such an atmosphere, it becomes impossible to sift truth from fiction.

It was interesting, to say the least, to go back to those times from eight years ago and re-live the witch hunt again as it unfolded. It's obligatory to think about the band once you get past the fact that Ian did what he did, which has been known for months while the case was being built.

Most likely, he was not. Celebrities naked in movies. However I also believe that there are others who are so intense that no matter how much evidence there is available that someone is innocent they can never accept it. Posted by Jo 3 yrs ago How old is she?????! Posted by dear ashley 3 yrs ago get off the site and stop defending yourself. Posted by erm… 2 yrs ago Anyone else think its an amazing coincidence that someone who happens to go to this uni would go to the effort of googling Ian Watkins to find this page and keep commenting the same thing on here?

Callin someone a prostitute online is still a jailable offence. Posted by yup he is 3 yrs ago he wanted a girl and when he found out Isaac was a boy he bailed.

Not a lot fazes me. But now, after seeing the absolute deluge of hate and venom being directed at Watkins, I am not so sure. You know, Raven, I think that is why it was and still is so heartbreakingly sad when Michael died.

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